Vert Shock, The Secret of Mastering Dunk

vertshockprogramWhat makes you becoming a real basketball player? Is it your skill, your passion or the other ones? When it talks about a professional basketball player, this is more than just a profession. There is a pack of talent, skill and passion inside. But mastering basketball skill is not easy, especially the dunk skill. It needs jump power, accuracy and confidence. But of course, the role of jump power is the highest one.

In the most cases, basketball players do not know the right formula to make a dunk. They can make a good shot but do not have enough jump to make it. You can find some tips for increasing your jump. But trust me, the most of them are not working. Fortunately, vert shock has the answer for this. If you want to know about this stuff, watch the video below.

What is Vert Shock Program?

This is a solution for mastering dunk skill, a pack of workout to increase your jump. This solution is focusing on increasing the jump and makes dunk is just like the other basketball skills, easy to learn. This solution will help you to improve your vertical jump up to 9 inches. Even jumping up to 15 inches is possible too.

It will really change your mind about basketball. This sport is not just for tall people. As long as you have a high jump and the good skills, being a professional is so possible. And more impressively, you can get the higher jump less than a month.

Why Vert Shock?

Out there, you can find so many tricks and workout to increase your jump. The most of them are available for free. But do you know something? The most of them give you nothing. They may improve your strength and your muscle. But unfortunately, a usual workout is not enough to get the higher jump. You need a pack of workout that really improve the right muscles.

Vert Shock Program Video

Anyway, you need the higher jump, not the muscular legs, aren’t you? The creator of Vert shock knows it all. Adam Folker knows the pain of being the only basketball player without the high jump skill. At least, before becoming a professional basketball player. Adam Folker is not a talented basketball player with an athletic body shape. But he really has the passion and really enthusiast on basketball.

From here, he trained himself so hard with a main purpose. Getting the higher jump. And amazingly, he made it. He did it not in months but only in days or weeks. There is no fast solution for increasing the jump like this. Not just Adam Folker, Justin Jus Fly Darlington also has the same problem. He did not know the way to increase his jump. But thanks to this solution, he can make it and become the world highest dunker. If they can do it, course you can make it too.

Do you still skeptical with this solution? Okay, let us see the other proofs. This stuff really works for everyone. It has been tested in competitions and dunk contests. And do you know something? It has been tested for years and by many people. Effortless dunking is a real story.

Vert Shock Reviews

Maybe this stuff is really good for some people, but how about me? You may wonder about it. But let we see. The proof of Vert shock program is not just coming from talented people. Ordinary people have tried this stuff too. Although the various results are just a certainty, all of them get the real jump improvement. Some of them get 3 inches of vertical jump improvement.

vert shock testimonial 1

The other ones get 5 up to 7 inches of vertical jump. Even some of them also get 14 inches of jump improvement. The result may vary depending on the period of training. If you do it longer, you will get the better result too. And as the result, your vertical jump will be higher too.

This program is good for everyone, especially for people who expect for being a professional basketball player. But if you only want to get a higher jump, this program is also good for you. This is why the meaning of vert shock for everyone is true. This is not just a gimmick. If you want to make sure about it, take a look to the vert shock reviews. There are the real success stories from the real people.

vert shock testimonial 2

How Vert Shock Training Program Improves your Vertical Jump

VertShockReviewThis jump workout is split into three phases. There are pre shock phase, shock phase and post shock phase. In the pre shock phase, it was designed to get your body ready for the best. It prepares your body for the next phase. This phase will last for about 7 days and improve your vertical jump between 3 inches up to 5 inches. On the second phase or shock phase, you will get something more. Your body will be trained so hard here.

In the main part of the program, your nervous system will be shocked to leap higher. If the first phase gives you up to 5 inches of vertical jump improvement, you will get more improvement in this main phase. Shock phase will last for 6 weeks. The last phase or post shock phase is the phase to keep your improvement. This phase was designed to commit the improvement into the muscle memory and makes the results of the previous phases to be yours entirely.

There is no temporary changes here, so you work to get the real result. In the most jump training programs, the jump improvement may loss after stopping the program. But in here, you will never experience it. After 8 weeks of training and going through all phases, you will add 9 up to 15 inches to your jump.

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This is for real. More interestingly, you can get it only with $67. If you are not sure enough, there is 60 days money back guarantee too. It seems like there is nothing to doubt or to worry about Vert shock program.

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